“ActorGear is so easy! My website was set up within hours, and I can update it instantly at any time from any computer. It’s my absolute best marketing tool. Industry people have commented on how simple and easy to navigate it is.

I just booked the lead in a short film because I had my video clips on my website. The director came from Ireland to NYC to shoot and I was out of town during auditions. He saw my reel and said I was the one, so he waited for me to get back to shoot. My ActorGear website didn’t do all the work…but it sure helped me get seen.”

Daniel Dugan 2




“Actorgear has been so amazingly beneficial to me! I cannot imagine my career without it. It’s quick, straight to the point, and provides all the information anyone in the industry needs from you. Never had a single problem with Actorgear! Besides I can’t deny the quality and benefits of Actorgear especially when I got a straight booking from my website for an off Broadway show.”

Christina Helena




“ActorGear was super easy to set up! — I had a fantastic, complete webpage within just a few hours. The design is user-friendly and straightforward. And the ActorGear staff are friendly, helpful, and available to answer my questions. They are there help make my site the best it can be. A great marketing tool for any performer, at any stage of their career.”

Jules Hartley




“ActorGear allowed me to personally design every detail of my site in a series of short, SIMPLE steps. I love being able to make updates myself without having to rely on a designer, I love the fact that I can change my site’s colour and theme whenever I choose. The support staff has been efficient, helpful and most importantly CREATIVE. Any questions I had regarding the site were answered in minutes (sometimes seconds!!). I highly recommend an ActorGear website for any artist looking for a reliable, polished looking platform to display their work…”

Amanda Brugal 



“…I owe you a big thanks for the website design….i just got cast in a big film called “Go Go Tales,” shooting in Rome for the next month by the director using my pics and footage on my website as the audition. Not the normal way of casting but in extreme and last minute situations…a good website is the winner:) It stars Willam Defoe, Mathew Modine, and a bunch of others….i leave tomorrow night!…..so thanks for the great site!”

Julie McNiven 



“I LOVE MY ACTORGEAR WEBSITE!!!! It has advanced my career so much. I tell everyone about it!!! It’s universal, easy and seriously one of the best tools I have had so far with my career.”


Katie Chonacas



“I didn’t have the time to learn how to make my own website, and I needed something fast.  Actorgear was the perfect solution. I can easily change the appearance of my site or edit the content instantly. It’s extremely user friendly, even for those who don’t know anything about html. I recommend it to all actors!”



“Having your own website is the ultimate networking tool.  I refer everyone to my site and the response to it’s quality and organization is always superb.  The designers at ActorGear are super easy to work with and have a solution to every problem.  I come from the school of acting, yet the website is even easy for me to operate and update.  Since designing my website, a little over four months ago, I have booked 2 television roles.  This just goes to show that an ActorGear website is definately the way to go.”

Holly Bonelli