StoreGear University: Undergrad

After watching these three videos, you will have the ability to understand how to use the powerful visual builder to make websites like a pro.

Overview of the videos above:

1. Understanding the roles of: Customizer, Visual Builder, Edit Page

2. Detailed overview of the Visual Builder

3. Examining what modules do in the visual builder.

StoreGear University: Grad School

Learn how to use layout packs and quickly make professional looking sites like a pro.

Overview of the videos above:

1. Pre-Made layouts save an enormous amount of time. The video above shows you how to use a pre-made layout, and then quickly change the fonts and colors.

2. Creating and Editing a Gallery

3. Adding a mailing list form and conntecting it to a mailing list service ( or are two good choices)

4. Creating a contact form and adding custom contact form fields.